January 30, 2012

Cheryl Cole ”Finally” Wants it Gone

Here we go again… English pop and R&B recording artist, Cheryl Cole married England and Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole in 2006.  The marriage, marred by reports of Ashley’s infidelity, ended in September of 2010.  During their marriage, Cheryl acquired a rather large tattoo on the back of her neck with the words “Mrs. C”.  Since reports of her husband’s extramarital follies, Cheryl has publicly voiced that she desires to have the inked tribute to her ex-husband removed from her neck.

All Talk No Action

Cole has been talking about removing the tattoo for an exceedingly long time now.  Really, it is old news that keeps getting circulated to the top again.  The removal process involves laser treatment to have the ink removed from her neck.  Some are saying that she may opt to have the tattoo redesigned instead of having a “full” removal.  Friends and insiders report that Cheryl does regret ever having the tattoo and now understands the true meaning of permanency.  Although she understands that the laser treatments are painful and time consuming, Cheryl reports that she wants no memory of her cheating ex left behind as a painful reminder of what she went through.  We will believe the removal when we see it.  Seems like if she truly wanted it gone it would have been gone by now.

Schedule Gap… Are You Kidding?

We all know that Cole has a busy schedule, what with her new album set for release in March and a budding film career.  Perhaps the tattoo removal has not yet made it to the top of the priority list for this popular princess.  There are also rumors of this singer, actress and model launching her very own talk show.  Sources state that removal is slated for the first gap in her schedule.  We don’t see a gap coming any time soon for this ever so popular gal, who has also been working with Simon Cowell on a potentially new talent show.

Moving On

Since the split from Ashley, Cole has made the rounds but has not yet settled down into anything long-term.  Insiders state that Cole wants to focus on her career, not her love life.  Cheryl has supposedly dated a 25-year-old ‘Dancing with the Stars’ pro who helped her through her divorce.  Reports also linked Cole to Black Eyed Peas buddy Will.i.am, her co-judge on X Factor, Simon Cowell and singer Taio Cruz. Her latest sweetheart appears to be 21-year-old Patrizio Pigliapoco who is the driving force behind Cole’s American success.  The two have become close since Cole has spent a considerable amount of the time in the states working on her next new solo project. There have been many late night recording sessions with Patrizio in Los Angeles and the two are said to have become inseparable. Patrizio has commented that he sees no way that any man could ever cheat on Cole, as she is so incredibly beautiful and awesomely talented.


While it appears as though there is no evidence of a reunion with ex Ashley Cole, Cheryl is not exactly speeding to remove his mark from her neck.  Perhaps it is a sign of something to come, or maybe just a time factor?  We will have to wait and see.


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