January 11, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Rodney Raines

Today, in the Charlotte Observer, there's an extensive feature on South Carolina tattoo and fine artist Rodney Raines of Ace Custom Tattoo. Here's a taste of that article:

Over a decade ago Penny Craver, then owner of Tremont Music Hall, unknowingly inspired Raines. "She asked, 'Where did you have that done?' " he recalls about one of his full sleeves. "What she said next hit me like a bolt - 'Oh, you couldn't get that around here.' I thought, 'I've got to change that mentality.' "

He set out to change the perception of tattoo art in Charlotte. Through events that showcased his fellow tattoo artists' fine arts pursuits as painters, illustrators and mixed-media artists, he attempted to change the perception of tattoo as an art form.

Rodney furthered this goal by opening up the art gallery and wine bar Twenty-Two, where he displays work that is affordable and unique from Charlotte's usual gallery fare.

Check out Rodney's own fine art here and more of his tattoos here.




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