December 5, 2011

Disney Gone Wild

Walt Disney is a household name whether you are in the US or some remote island off the coast of nowhere. Disneyland, Disney Stores, Disney Movies, and the Disney Channel are just a few of the things that reign in Mr. Disney’s Empire. The Disney Channel has grown over the years to include more than just Mickey Mouse Cartoons. The channel offers all kinds of original television shows, original movies, and more young stars than you will find anywhere else. The stars of the Disney Channel shows often end up moving on to singing, movies, and apparently, tattoos. We’ve found just a few of the sweet little Disney stars who are going under the needle.

Vanessa Hudgens

While taking some time out to attend fashion shows in New York City early this year, Vanessa Hudgens decided to get herself a permanent fashion statement; a tattoo. For her very first (and so far only) tattoo, she debated between her ribcage and her neck. At first glance, you know what she chose; she has a beautiful butterfly tattoo on her neck.

Demi Lovato

Demi has a script tattoo on her right ribcage. When a picture of her in a bikini that showed what looked like a possible tattoo, nobody wanted to believe it. The back and forth arguing began instantly as everyone debated whether it was real. Demi revealed on her Twitter that it is, in fact, a real tattoo that reads, “You Make Me Beautiful.” While she is already beautiful, Demi says the phrase is from the song, “Beautiful,” by Bethany Dillon; a song that, “changed her life.” She later added a pair of feathers to the phrase.

She followed this up with tattoos on her wrists that read, “Stay Strong.” Her left wrist also has red lips on it; one she got with friends. She has also added a blue feather behind her ear and a small cross on her hand.

Miley Cyrus

Yes, we had to save the best for last. Miss Miley has not one, not two, but nine tattoos. Allow us to walk you through the Miley art gallery.

Her first tattoo was a script tattoo on her left rib cage that says, “Just breathe.” This tattoo was in honor of a close friend who passed away from cystic fibrosis, and two uncles who died of lung cancer. Next, she joined daddy at the tattoo parlor and while he got his own ink, she got “LOVE” tattooed on her ear. Apparently it’s about only hearing the good things and drowning out the bad.

Tattoo number three is a fairly large dream catcher on her right side. It’s the biggest so far, and is a drawing of an actual dream catcher that hangs by her bed. The four feathers represent her siblings and the protection that the dream catcher offers. Next was the anchor on her wrist to remind her of a, “safe port,” and that she always has somewhere to go home to.

After that, Miley apparently decided that her hand was boring, and covered each finger in a different tattoo. She has a heart on her right pinkie, a cross on the ring finger, and a line on her middle. The other side of her middle finger has a peace sign, and her index finger says, “Karma.” At some point, the line on the middle finger was turned into a peace sign, and she added an equal sign to her ring finger to symbolize marriage equality.

Miley was also recently seen outside of a tattoo removal office; which of the nine will be the first to go?


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