December 3, 2011

Barbie Visits the Tattoo Parlour

If you were ever a fan of Barbie when you were a kid it’s likely that you’ve seen her go through many transitions over the years.  She’s been a teacher, a princess, a doctor and even an astronaut – all things that a parent would be happy with seeing their child grow into you may think.  This is why the latest Barbie has sparked quite a bit of controversy, not just with fans of the doll but with parents too – the latest Barbie is tattooed!

Tokidoki Barbie

A few years ago Mattel – the creators of Barbie – released a version of the doll that came with removable stickers called ‘Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie’.  The manufacturers received a lot of praise for this doll and due to its popularity it’s hardly surprising that Tokidoki Barbie – our tattooed friend – is the latest creation by the brand.  Designed by Simone Legno, Tokidoki has a tattoo on her arm and further body art on her chest.

Punk Princess

Alongside the tattoos, Tokidoki Barbie also has bright pink hair and she is wearing a black sweater with a cute skull and crossbones design (the skull has been replaced by a heart).  Tokidoki also wears leopard skin leggings and a cute little mini skirt – she really is a punk princess and is set to be a big hit with kids around the world, or she would be if they were able to obtain one.


The media has recently suggested that parents of Barbie fans are outraged by the new Barbie design, however we fail to see why they are so uptight over it.  Many are… wait for it… saying that Barbie will have a negative impact on the mind of a child and many are concerned that children will start to tattoo themselves.  We think this is a bit of an over the top reaction and as usual, people will come together to back a cause that probably doesn’t even apply to them.

Limited Edition

Whether it’s due to the controversy surrounding Tokidoki or whether it was Mattel’s plan all along, the Tokidoki Barbie is only being released via the internet.  Mattel claim that the doll is purely for adult collectors and there will only be 7400 dolls released.  So, unless your kids know where to find Tokidoki online you needn’t worry about them forking out for a DIY tattoo kit just yet – she won’t be on the local shelves in Wal-Mart or anything!

Like we said above, this is not the first time that Mattel have released a tattooed Barbie so we are quite surprised by the controversy.  Aside from the tattoo it yourself Barbie that we mentioned above, Mattel also released a Harley Davidson Barbie back in 2008 which has a large pair of wings adorned on her back – we didn’t hear people getting angry then unless we just weren’t listening.

We think the new Tokidoki Barbie is pretty cool if you like that sort of thing, and definitely not worth protesting over.  What do you think?


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