November 29, 2011

White Ink Tattoos

White ink tattoos have seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the last few years.  At first sight, a white ink tattoo looks like a scar, which is part of the appeal of them for many people.  Differing from the traditional tattoo process which involves stencilling and outlining the tattoo in black ink, these are (surprise, surprise) completed in white ink which gives off a ghostly feel when completed.  They really are a unique tattoo design and can look very distinctive depending on your natural skin colour.

Things You Need to Know

If white ink tattoos sound like a cool idea to you, and you are considering getting one, there are a few things that you need to know first:

Due to the ability of white tattoos to bleed off surrounding colour, they should be placed far away from any colour tattoos that you currently have.White ink tattoos look best on pale, unfreckled skin.  Freckles can cause the tattoo to look uneven, and dark skin can make the image look transparent – not a good look!As said above, white ink tattoos look more like scars or brandings than tattoos.  This is due to the colouring being thicker which gives the tattoo a raised appearance.Touch ups may be required to keep white ink tattoos looking as good as new.  They fade much more quickly in the sun than normal tattoos and can turn a dirty blonde colour if not looked after properly.If you later decide that you do not like your white ink tattoo you may have trouble removing it.  Multiple laser treatment sessions are not uncommon.

Choosing a White Ink Tattoo Design

When it comes to choosing a white ink tattoo design, simplicity is the key!  You should keep in mind when selecting a design that the ink will be white, which makes the tattooing process much more difficult.  Plus simple designs will look a lot better when complete and really will look like a unique branding on your body.  Trendy options include Chinese and Japanese characters, stars, writing, dragons, basic tribal patterns and hearts.  However literally anything is possible so long as it is simplistic in its design.

Choosing a Location

Due to white ink tattoos fading easily or becoming discoloured when placed in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, you might want to choose a location for your tattoo that is covered by clothes for the majority of the time.  Popular locations include the shoulder and ankle but anywhere that will be shielded by direct sunlight is a good idea.

Risks Associated with White Ink Tattoos

Although some people do have allergic reactions to black ink, these do tend to occur more often with white ink.  To prevent this from happening you may want to ask the tattooist to perform a small test with the ink on your skin so that you know whether you will be one of the unfortunate people who is allergic to the ink or not, plus you will feel more confident when you have the final tattoo done!


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