November 29, 2011

Wedding Ring Tattoos

Do you love wedding rings, but hate to wear them?  If you find them uncomfortable or can’t afford to buy the real thing just yet, you might want to look into wedding ring tattoos.  They are a superb way of showing the world how committed you and your partner are to each other and they can be completely unique in their design.  There are an infinite number of designs to choose from, although you should be aware that tattoos are on the whole permanent and it will take some serious time and money to remove them at a later date if, unfortunately, your marriage doesn’t last.

Religious Wedding Ring Tattoos

If you and your partner are both religious people, you may want to look into a religious wedding ring tattoo.  This is a great way to show people how much your faith means to you as well as your partner.  Popular choices include small crosses that go around the finger, and even numbers that signify bible passages.  One that is specifically good is EPH 2:25 which is a bible verse from Ephesians which states “husbands love your wives just as Christ loved the church and give yourself up for her”.  Not only is this a beautiful sentiment but it is thought by many to be the key to a successful marriage.

Celtic Wedding Ring Tattoos

Celtic wedding ring tattoos are striking and simple and can even be designed to look like a piece of jewellery.  They are designed so as not to specifically draw attention to themselves but to be a simple statement of a couples love and commitment to each other.  People who choose to go down this route tend to have matching tattoos, and these can be covered up quite easily by a normal ring should the couple wish.

Modern Wedding Ring Tattoos

Modern wedding ring tattoos are becoming increasingly popular with people in their 20’s and it is not uncommon to see these anymore.  Generally they are designed to be a coloured band that doesn’t look like a traditional wedding ring.  The concept behind modern wedding ring tattoos is that the couple still want to show their commitment but they don’t feel the need to wear the traditional ring.

Dated Wedding Ring Tattoos

This is a great option if you are marrying someone who struggles to remember your birthday or any other important dates.  Dated wedding ring tattoos generally include the date of the wedding either around the ring finger or along it and the font face for the numbers can differ depending on the couple’s tastes.  Not only will your significant other never forget your wedding date, but they will also be reminded of the most important day of their life every time they look at their hands.

These are just a few ideas for wedding ring tattoos, but literally anything is possible.  However, due to the high divorce rates please make sure that you are completely committed to your partner before considering any of the above, unless you want to risk a painful and costly removal process in the future.


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