November 29, 2011

Tattoos to Avoid

Tattoos are a deeply personal thing and a choice only the person wearing them can make. There are plenty of seasoned inkers out there who know what they’re doing and are comfortable choosing their designs and sticking with them. However, there are also plenty of us out there who are just dipping a tentative toe into the world of tattoos and perhaps need a little guidance. Beyond the obvious safety considerations (make sure you know and trust your tattoo artist!), there are also a number of things to take into account when choosing the type of tattoo you want to go for.

Many people make rash decisions with their tattoos and have to live with the consequences. After all, tattoo removal can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. So read on to find out the main types of tattoos that newbies should probably avoid to make sure they won’t regret the decision soon after getting inked!


It might sound obvious, but getting the name of your current love interest tattooed across your forehead may not be the best idea. Joking aside, even long-term relationships can come to an end, so a name tattoo could be a painful reminder of a failed relationship that you would rather forget. If you must go for a name tattoo, it’s far safer to opt for a family member – someone you can be sure you will love unconditionally forever! This can be a wonderful tattoo option that is highly unlikely to go bad in the future.


Even if you really are lovin’ it, a company logo tattoo that looks fab now could look dated and awful in years to come. Do you remember what some 80s logos looked like? Logos get updated, modified, even replaced altogether which could leave you with a dated logo that doesn’t really mean anything anymore.

If you wish to represent a company or team, try going for something else that characterizes it, You might end up with something really interesting that stands the test of time far better than a logo might.


It can be tempting to get the image of Marilyn Monroe tattooed on your thigh but think about it: how often do you see face tattoos that really look like who they’re supposed to? Even the best tattoo artists can’t promise to do justice to that face you love so much. If you go for a face, be prepared for a lifetime of ‘Is that… who… what?’. Plus they can be excruciating due to the sheer detail required to create a face!

As we’ve said, tattoos are deeply personal choices and you may well disagree with the above. But it’s always safer to err on the side of caution and make sure you and your tattoo have a long, satisfying relationship!

And remember: always choose to have your tattoo in a place that can be easily covered up for jobs or similar situations that might require a more demure approach! Popular locations include the back, arms and upper legs.


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