November 30, 2011

Tattoo Spelling Disasters

If you missed a lot of school when you were a kid and never passed a spelling test in your life, you may want to spell-check your tattoo choices before having them permanently placed on your body. This becomes an extremely important consideration when you are deciding where to have your tattoo done; a cheap tattoo artist does not always equal a good tattoo artist.

While misspelled tattoos are pretty hilarious on someone else, you may not be laughing when your own masterpiece turns you into the laughingstock. Here are some of the most commonly misspelled tattoos to help you avoid any tattoo mishaps of your own. We’ve also included a few of the misspelled tattoos we found particularly hilarious.

Most Common Misspellings

Aside from the typical “your,” and “you’re,” confusion, there are several commonly tattooed words that show up misspelled more often than not. The word “awesome,” gets spelled incorrectly far too often, which is unfortunate, since walking around with “I’m awsome,” tattooed down your arm only lets people know that you are in fact, not awesome when it comes to spelling.

“Judge,” is another word that people use for tattoos they feel are deeply profound. “Only God shall juge me,” is not really inspirational and one can only hope that you are not being judged on your spelling abilities (or the lack thereof).

Somewhat tragic (and slightly ironic) is the misspelling of the word, “tragedy.” When young people who feel that their lives are completely lost, the tattoo “Beautiful Tragedy,” comes up a lot. But what many of these despairing kids end up with is, “Beautiful Tradgedy.”

Celeb Tattoo Mishaps

One thing that may be comforting to those suffering from a misspelled tattoo is that you are not alone. Even those glamorous, paparazzi avoiding Hollywood stars have their own share of misspelled tattoos. Hayden Panetierre wanted to tattoo, “vivere senza rimpianti, across her torso. Translated, it means, “to live without regrets.” What she does regret is that her “rimpianti,” has an extra “i” in it.

Sanskrit tattoos are very common, even among celebrities. Sadly, there are several of them with misspelled or misinterpreted Sanskrit on their bodies. David Beckham wanted “Victoria,” tattooed in Sanskrit. What he ended up with is “Vihctoria.” Rihanna wanted a Sanskrit tattoo that read, “Forgiveness, Honesty, Suppression, and Control.” Unlike Beckham, hers at least says what she wanted it to, but is spelled completely wrong.

Along with Sanskrit, phrases in Chinese characters are also common; as well as commonly misspelled. Britney Spears can attest to that, since she wanted the Chinese character for “mysterious,” and ended up with the character for “strange” instead. That one may have just been fate.

Misspelled Tattoo Award Winners

As promised, here is a list of the misspelled tattoos we found to be eye-wateringly hilarious:

An attempt to have his trip to China Town inked as a permanent memory across his throat, one unfortunate guy ended up with a painstaking tattoo that said, “Chi-Tonw.”Attempting to tattoo her nickname on her lower back, one young woman ended up with a tattoo that says, “Sweet Pee.”One person tattooed an entire Abraham Lincoln quote on their arm. If they had hired a proofreader, they could have avoided the, not one, but three misspelled words within it. At least they spelled Mr. Lincoln’s name right.A quick Google search will allow you to find a picture of a young man who clearly thinks he’s hot stuff. He has a gigantic tattoo across his chest that was supposed to tell everyone how extreme he is (or thinks he is). Instead, the tattoo reads, “Exreme.”


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