November 29, 2011

Celebrity Tattoos – Lindsay Lohan

Troubled teen star and jail bird Lindsay Lohan has a handful of tattoos – all of which (surprisingly!) she got inked whilst out of jail.  Her latest tattoo is from the lyrics of Billy Joel’s classic ‘I Go to Extremes’ on her ribcage.  Reading “clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife, I feel like I’m in the prime of my life” we can only wonder whether Lindsay is living by the lyrics or on the verge of yet another break down.  One thing is for sure, Lohan and Joel will be together forever now, whether he likes it or not.

Another significant inking was unveiled back in 2008 when Lindsay and then girlfriend Samantha Ronson, got matching tattoos to signify their relationship.  Like most celebrity relationships, this ended up going sour, and Samantha Ronson has recently announced plans to cover her tattoo up with a skull and crossbones design to remove the reminders of their romance – there’s nothing like going a step too far in the celebrity world.

Celebrity twin inks seem to be all the rage nowadays though, and even Lilly Allen got in on the action back in 2009 when she visited an LA ink parlour with Lohan at 2am in the morning.  Both women emerged with the scribble ‘shhh’ inked on their index fingers.  Although they may have found it hilariously funny at that time in the morning, it’s hardly original… especially as Rihanna beat them both to it!  It was clearly a moment of madness, and we wonder whether Miss Lilly regrets it now or not.

Other tattoos on Miss Lohan’s body include a small heart between the index finger and thumb on her right hand, a small red star between the index finger and thumb on her left hand, a black outlined star on her wrist, and “la bella vita” on her lower back with the ironic meaning ‘life is beautiful’.  Apparently it was inspired by her late grandmother though, so this is somewhat forgivable.

Of course we should also mention the tattoo on her right wrist which says “breathe”.  Thought to be inspired by a John Lennon quote, Lindsay then did herself no favours by admitting that she needed reminding to breathe… because it’s quite easy to forget you know?  Seriously!  Luckily for her, it is hard to notice unless you are very close to her, which is unlikely unless you end up in a jail cell for rich kids.

As well as permanent inkings, Lohan has also sported a number of henna tattoos at points during her career.  These are a much safer method and thankfully easy to forget about.  She has mentioned a few times in the media that she loves tattoos so much that she will probably start her own tattoo parlour up at some point if she can find a partner or an investor to join her.  Whether she will or not remains to be seen, quite like her life in general really.


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