July 1, 2011

Mike Tyson Tattoos : See in the Hangover Part II trailer

Did you know you can copyright an ill-advised tattoo design? Neither did we. Whoever owns the rights to “pouting Tasmanian Devil” or “yin yang symbol with a rose draped over it” should know they could have a lot of money coming their way, now that Mike Tyson’s tattoo artist is suing Hangover Part II filmmakers for using his design without permission. Thank goodness “crudely-drawn dragon” isn’t a copyrightable image, or else everyone in our high school would be completely bankrupt by now.

As you can hilariously see in the Hangover Part II trailer, Ed Helms‘ character awakes to find himself branded with Tyson’s famous face ink, an homage to the boxer’s cameo in the first movie. Now tattoo artist S. Victor Whit-mill, who gave Tyson the tattoo in 2003, is suing Warner Bros. for violating his copyright. In addition to an undisclosed amount of money, Whit-mill is attempting to prevent the film from even showing the design. Doesn’t he realize the more people see it, the greater the chance that some drunken frat will collectively decide to get it etched into their face as well? And you know what that mean. Cha-ching! Get that hideous tattoo money!

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